B-BBEE Level One Contributor

Impact Proud B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor

Impact Human Resources is committed to contributing towards empowerment and transformation. We are proud to be a B-BBEE Level One contributor.

Choosing a level 1 supplier as your business partner means that as a customer your own B-BBEE level is affected, the higher the supplier’s level, the more a customer can claim towards their procurement spend.

Companies procuring from Level 1 Contributors can claim up to 135% of their spent against their own preferential procurement scoring :
for every R1.00 our customers spend with us they can claim R1.35 against their own preferential procurement scoring.

Choosing to use a Level 1 supplier or to work with a Level 1 customer means that clients and service providers alike improve their own scores.

This is the advantage we give our customers when partnering with us for all their staffing solutions requirements. We work together with you in empowering South Africans by committing to transformation